Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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A little about Express Glasses

Express glasses are dedicated to providing cheap eyeglasses express online without compromising on quality. With Express, you can buy glasses online at the same level of quality you can get on the high street, and have them shipped by you same day glasses. Each pair is expertly created in-house and tailored to your unique specifications. We don't offer a simple off-the-rack service. Instead, we deliver customized results in a fraction of the time of our competitors.


Welcome aboard to Express Glasses

Sunglasses Lens Colors

Sunglasses Lens Tint Colors

You can customize your frames lenses from the shade down to the color. Unlike changeable photochromic a color tint remains constant at all times. Tinted lenses can be used as sunglasses (darker tint), or a light tint can be used for fashion. We have tints available in colors grey, blue, green and brown. Available tint shades come in 20%, 40%, 60% and 80%.

How to read your eyeglasses prescription

At first glance your eyeglasses prescriptions might look like a bunch of confusing numbers, symbols and abbreviations. Here is a guide to help you understand this information.

Your prescription might look like this:

Reading your prescription:

o    O.D. & O.S. tells you which eye the prescription refers to. “O.D.” is the right eye and “O.S.” is the left eye.

o    SPH: a nearsighted or farsighted “spherical error”. A “-“means that the prescription is nearsighted, A ”+” means that your prescription is farsighted. The higher the number, the stronger your prescription.

o    CYL & AXIS: these numbers describe your astigmatism. The “CYL” number shows the severity of the astigmatism. Axis indicates which way the astigmatism is oriented.

o    ADD: this number is only used for bifocals and is added to the sphere prescription to get the near vision prescription.

o    PD: is the pupil distance. If you don’t not know your P.D. than go to learn how to measure your Pupil Distance.

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